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SYNC Counseling

Can Counseling Help?


Sometimes we find ourselves in hopeless, painful situations and we struggle to simply cope on a day to day basis. Other times, we are tired of repeating the same old negative patterns of behavior, we want to grow and make positive changes. Often, people seek counseling to change an area in their life, to get a different perspective or simply because they are just “stuck”. Perhaps they have tried to change many times in the past, but were not able to do so. Having a professional assess your situation, strengths and options can open up new possibilities.

Sync Counseling offers an environment that is safe and kind. During your first session, we will discuss your goals. Do you want to be free from the burden of trying to keep this secret? Does your current situation cause anxiety and anger? Are you feeling out of control? We will identify your strengths and how you can use them to create positive solutions to your problems. This may include identifying your resources or discovering new ways to care for yourself. Perhaps you want someone to challenge you and help you stay accountable. If you are unable to attain your goals, our focus will not be judgmental, but instead curious, trying to discover what is standing in your way.

Give me a call at 248-670-8678 and we can determine if we can work together to create meaningful changes in your life.